Poison free rodent cotrol

  A safe solution
Modern rodent poisons are far safer than they used to be. That being said they are still poison. Alpha wildlife offers a solution for rodent control without the risk that poison carries. We seal your home from rodent's and use the latest mouse and rat traps to capture either alive or not depending on your preferences. A total home inspection is done at your convince then a comprehensive treatment plan put together.  Live traps for rodents are a great humane way to remove the issue with out any weight on the conscience. However rodents tend to be violent towards one another in these traps and no guarantee can be given to the wellbeing of multiple rodents in these traps.
   With advances in modern rodent traps a quick humane death can be guaranteed when using these traps. Alpha wildlife will even service these traps for you on an as needed basis.

Eco freindly control

Alpha Wildlife removal and exclusion Utalizes an ECO freindly rodent control system. We dont use poisen's that can impact wildlife
  1. raccoon removal
  2. Bird removal
  3. squirrel removal
  4. wood chuck removal
  5. bird removal
  6. Ground hog removal
  7. fox removal
  8. raccoon removal
  9. skunk removal