Wildlife services
  1. Trapping
    We utilize the latest in humane trapping methods to remove your problem animals in a way that is safe for both you and the target species. This ensures that healthy animals may be brought to a wildlife rehab and released in a safe respectable manner.
  2. Chimney Caps
    We custom fit your chimney caps for safe, astatically pleasing function. After all the highest point of your home should look as perfect as the rest.
  3. Wildlife Exclusion
    Our exclusion methods are designed to last a life time. Often removing the animal only leaves a place open for a new one to move in. The exclusion methods we use are designed around your to ensure the first call you make to us is the only call.
  4. Large Scale Bird Abatement
    The systems we use cause no physical harm to birds. Through sound devices, old fashion bird spikes or state of the art electronic no see shock strips. Our process causes no long term damage to birds.
  5. Dead Animal Removal
    We remove dead animals from your property as well as clean- disinfect the area and remove the smell..
  6. Large Scale Bird Waste Removal
    We utilize the latest techniques in bacterial and viral control to keep you and your loved ones safe.
  7. Beaver control
    We utilize live traps to remove the problem beaver. We also wrap trees used for food so you can keep the beaver around to enjoy their industrious life style.
  8. Beaver Dam Removal
    We posses the experience necessary to safely remove beaver dams with out flooding your neighbors house or yard.
Rabies Testing
Rabies is a serius diseas. With no known cure, Its not worth risking your life. Imediate medical attention should be sought if you are bitten scratched or licked by a wilded animal, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. For more information please go to: http://www.cdc.gov/rabies/index.html

    We will prepare and transport any animals that you were exposed to directly to the states rabies lab for testing. Typicaly results are recieved within 24 hours by phone and you will recieve a letter in about 1-2 weeks by mail after the phone call.
 All work is backed by our industry leading service satisfaction guarantee.
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  2. Bird removal
  3. squirrel removal
  4. wood chuck removal
  5. bird removal
  6. Ground hog removal
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