Squirrel control

Squirrels are amazing acrobats, Leaping from one tree to another and from powerlines to your roof. Squirrels begin breeding in early spring and give birth shortly after having on average 2-3 young born helpless with little to no hair and blind.  In the wild squirrels typicaly build their nests out of bundlles of leaves in the croch of a tree. In urban areas they have addapted to nesting in attics and unused chimneys. Squirrels are one of the few species that are largely unaffected by deforestation as they addapt so well to urban enviroments. Squirrels cause about 30,000 house fires annualy. This is because squirrels are in the rodent family and must chew to keep their ever growing teeth at a servicable length. In fact it is estamated that more than half of U.S power outages are caused by squirrels crossing high tension wires. In fact on October 25 2014 a squirrel was to blame for a power outage in Northampden Massachusettes.
ThWe take squirrel invasions very seriusly at Alpha Wildlife. Due to the high risk of fire and home damage squirrel calls are handeled particularly fast. We always do a full inspection when squirrels are the suspect to ensure no visable signs of chewing are found on any critical infrastructure of your home. Once the inspection is done and all key entry points have been identified we then set live traps to completly remove the squirrels. Once captured and safly placed in our truck we then conduct another inspection to ensure no young are left behind. If we find young we contact veryus rehabilitators and place mother and young with them to be released back into the wild where they belong.
Squirrel damage repair is done after removal. We use chew restant wildlife fencing, foam and finaly fininsh materal to make it look as good as new. We are so confident that we back all of our exclusion work with a ​TWO YEAR WARRENTY .
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